Make Your Spine Happy and Relaxed

March 3, 2017
office workers problem

office workers problemOffice opening time is at 8 o’clock in the morning and will be closed at 5 o’clock in the evening. Other workers may exceed an extra hour to finish up some crucial pending accounting work, for instance. Office work is one of the most common types of jobs that are executed while sitting throughout. Even though you will stay sitting all day, a prolonged session is highly harmful to your health. You need to have a good office chair to ensure a good sitting posture is kept at the best position throughout.

Probably you have felt severally some neck pains and backaches while on your way home after work. You have tried to stretch but the pain persists. Mostly, you ignore and move on. This is what creates a bad posture because your body will respond to backaches through bending. Though studies show that ergonomic chairs cannot be 100% efficient, at least they assist in providing more comfort to users. Actually, a chair you normally use in your office is the root cause of spine aches, neck pains, and pains on shoulders.

Not many people understand that sitting for too long can cause such health problems. Being less active physically doesn’t mean your health is well maintained. Furthermore, those engaged in physical movements are better-off. The popular health problems associated to sitting include obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, medical researchers have also discovered that sitting for too long can cause severe spine problems. According to the same studies, the experts recommend every office to have ergonomic chairs to improve users’ comfort.

If you want to ‘make your spine happy and relaxed’, you need an ergonomic chair in your office. Ergonomic chairs are new chairs that are designed for a working environment in order to maximize worker’s comfort and efficiency, as well as reduce fatigue and muscle straining. An ergonomic chair is the one that offers the best comfort to the user no matter his or her body size, shape, and weight. These chairs are designed with custom features that an operator can adjust to attain his or her best comfort.

Therefore, here are the benefits of having an ergonomic office chair.

Relief back, neck, and shoulder pains

neck problemsThe back pains or neck pains are seen as just common problems among people. But they can turn into more serious health issues if no action taken at the earliest time possible. So, you can alleviate such pains through investing in an ergonomic office chair. The chair comes with adjustable headrest and backrest to support the neck and spine regions respectively.

Maintain an upright posture

When you are experiencing back and neck pains, your body responds by leaning forward. This interferes with the normal posture, and eventually, you will notice you have a bend back. This posture can be corrected by having an ergonomic office chair. The backrest helps to reduce the spine straining. However, kneeling chairs are also recommended to eliminate too much pressure on the spine. They don’t have backrests, but they are intended to train a user on how to sit upright.

Normal breathing

If you don’t breathe as it should be, your heart and lungs will be overworking themselves. So, your overall body will be straining to cope with the ineffective breathing. Don’t forget that without proper breathing implies insufficient oxygen supply in the body. So, you are likely to feel fatigue at the end of the day. Ergonomic chairs reduce this problem because you can sit upright while your chest is open and shoulders relaxed.

Appropriate blood circulation

Ergonomic office chairs ensure normal blood circulation is maintained. There is sufficient supply of blood to all parts of the body. Legs are positioned at a right angle to the position of the ankles. Height can be regulated according to user’s height. Normal circulation reduces swelling on legs.

Comfort and efficiency

When you are comfortable at work, you are likely to increase productivity. Ergonomic chairs eliminate that discomfort of turning and twisting regularly trying to find some comfort. These office chairs not only help to improve your job performance but also ensuring you live healthy during your working age.

In conclusion, these chairs do offer an incredibly efficient and comfort sitting experience. However, they are not completely capable of preventing or curing a disorder. You also need to practice sitting habits that do not strain your back and neck muscles.

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