10 Tips for Men on How to Keep Your Hair and Beard Neat

March 3, 2017
Keep Your Hair and Beard Neat

Keep Your Hair and Beard NeatUnless you are a movie actor preparing to perform a certain role that requires you to look ‘untidy’, keeping your hair and beard neatly is a necessity. This is essential because people will judge your personality and character based on your appearance. If you look presentable and decent while in your office, you are likely to maintain clients and get more recommendations.

Many men want their hair to stay neat, but they face challenges on how to go about it. It is not difficult. Here are the 10 tips to help you.

Identify a professional barber

barberOf course, many of you have been to professional barber shops severally but they don’t get exactly what they want. It is because you don’t have that particular barber or stylist for all times. If you visit a barber shop just once and next time to you go elsewhere, you will miss getting what you deserve. A professional barber knows his regular customers, and he will always satisfy them. So, identify one barber/stylist for all your hair styling needs.

Ensure you get the best out of the barber/stylist

Knowing a barber because you are a regular customer may not be enough. You need to build a good relationship with all the workers inside the barber shop. All those guys there are experts, and they handle customers as they stream in. So, learn to describe what you want. Be polite when explaining so that the stylist can offer the best of what you want.

Visit regularly

If you trim your beard and hair, you also need regular visits to the barber shop. Staying too long may make the hair and beard to grow unevenly and impact your looks. It is also important to keep your style similar for some time before changing. Don’t let people realize when you are out of a barber shop, and when you haven’t visited for a while. If you have a good stylist, ask if you can get maintenance trims in every three days.

Understand the styling products best for you

If you are loyal to a particular barber or stylist, he will let you know the different types of styling products suitable for your hair and beard. Never buy any product without deep understanding as some products can destroy your looks. Don’t be like some men who think that applying a product on their hair is time wastage. They forget those hours they spent while waxing their cars. It will only take seconds to put some product on your hair to improve your good looks.

Apply hair product every day

After identifying a good hair product, use it every day. It does not matter what style you have because there are various products for all hair styles. Ask you stylist about the product usage depending on your hair style. Shining products are easy to use since you just need to wipe a small amount to get a more polished hair appearance.

Change hairstyle at certain intervals

You can’t wear a single hairstyle for years. It will look boring even to people who have known you for all that long. Try to change the style and go with the trending styles. But ensure you stay with the up-to-date styles because some come and disappear within a short period of time. Anyway, other people will appreciate and love your new style.

Choose the right style for you

hair styleA good haircut and beard style should complement your facial features. For those that want to create a good facial balance, it is advisable to seek assistance from a stylist. This will help you get exactly what fits you without forcing it. So, understand how to choose a good beard and haircut style for your face.

Learn how to shave well

This is for a person with a hair styler mag at home. However, I will recommend visiting your stylist if you don’t know how to use hair clippers. Again, avoid razors because they usually have a burning effect on your face. Also, remember to purchase high-quality shave creams. Here is a great site to choose a good cordless hair clipper.

Use a skin moisturizer

skin careYour skin underneath the beard should be kept clean and moisturized. This avoids the skin from producing oils that may lead to breakouts.  When the skin beneath the beard is kept hydrated, it will stay looking young. Those good moisturizers contain sunscreen ingredient to protect the skin from sunburns.

Use the right tool

Lastly, always use the right tools. Avoid those outdated shaving methods and invest in a high-quality hair styler mag. These styler mags can be used for trimming flyaway hair and also those loose nagging hairs.

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