10 Tips on How to Ease the Emotional and Physical Pain

March 3, 2017
relax your muscles

pian emotion chartAs the technology continues to change our lives positively, there are specific health concerns to ponder when it comes to prolonged sitting behind a computer in the offices. Almost every office has a computer, which is used almost throughout the day. Some workers, especially the IT officers, sit more than 8 hours behind their computers. This can be harmful to their spine if they don’t have the right office chairs. Surprisingly, even those ergonomic chairs are not 100% faultless to prevent emotional, back, and neck-related pains caused by extended sitting.

So, here the top 10 tips to help reduce emotional and physical pains for those who sit for too long in their offices.

Always maintain your head up when working with a computer

Aligning your neck and head above the shoulders minimize straining the neck muscles. If you keep your head facing downwards, you will be straining to keep up with what you are doing. More so, your entire upper body will want to move forward to find a better position. Due to that training, you will feel tired, exhausted, and backaches at the end of the day.

Always work with a mouse at close range

using mousePlace the mouse next to the keyboard. Trying to reach it will strain your back muscles, as well as overwork your brain. You don’t need to be thinking about where the mouse is. Instead, let it be as close as possible so that it’s accessed easily without straining. Remember, you should not twist too often while sitting.

Invest in ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic chairs are the ideal solution to psychological and muscle pains caused by sitting for too long in offices. They enhance comfort by allowing the lower back to rest against the lumbar support. For your lower back pain, the good quality office chairs have several adjustable features so that the user can change the positions accordingly until the best comfort is achieved.

Take time to breathe in and out

After sitting for about four hours, take time to breathe in and out while sitting on a flat surface. Breathe from the belly area towards the spine so that you engage all muscles supporting the upper body. Do it for about three minutes before getting back to your chair.

Sit within your computer’s reach

Ensure the torso is about your arm’s length away from the computer monitor. This should be about 2-3 inches above your eye level. This will prevent much straining as you use the keyboard. You may not notice the muscle straining while working, but you will eventually feel exhausted back pains, and pain in the neck region.

Keep feet flat on the floor

This is also known as ‘planting the feet’ by keeping them flat on the ground. Also, the shoulders’ width should be kept apart so that a mild tension is created at the knees and ankles. This helps to minimize straining the shoulders and the spine, which causes neck-related pains and headaches.

Take time to stretch

relax your musclesThis is suitable for every hour spent while sitting. There are many ways to relax your muscles, such as stretching while in the washroom to reduce tension on the spinal structures. Also, stretching can help improve blood flow to the brain, hence preventing headaches and stress.

Find comfort with your chair

When you get back to the chair after stretching, find a different comfortable sitting angle. You can position the knees at a right angle with respect to the ankle position. This is to ensure that the spinal discs are kept in the best comfort. Keeping the spine upright eliminates backaches.

Take time to stretch the shoulders

Roll your shoulders back and down while squaring them over the abdominal region. Lift up the arms so that the shoulders can stretch upwards. Do a few aerobic to engage the shoulders. This is helpful in relaxing the back and neck muscles since they are most strained while sitting.

Invest in massage chairs

Lastly, it is recommended to include a massage chair in your office and at home. Massage chairs are designed to offer almost similar human touch massage therapy. Having a massage chair in your office is an added advantage because you can get some good massage at any time you wish. Also, it is essential when at home because you rest assured of a massage therapy after job.  Remember that a foot massager will also help with relaxing and relieving pain at work.

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