How to Curl or Straighten Your Hair With A Hot Air Brush?

March 3, 2017
curling irons and curling wands

curling irons and curling wandsPerhaps, you have been browsing several blogs trying to understand between curling irons and curling wands what best suits your needs. I won’t despise any of these products because each can do wonders. Curling wands are quite amazing if you want to curl your hair without extracting it. On the other hand, curling irons are perfect when you cannot access a local salon shop or a hair straightener. If you want to change your wavy or curly hair, curling irons can be your ultimate choice.

The first thing to ponder is selecting an ideal curling iron with appropriate features. Whether you own one or not, a model with a larger barrel is the way to go. You can buy one with a diameter of 1-2 inches to make the straightening work easier. For an easier and faster straightening, the curling iron should be run through hair sections. If you cannot find a curling iron with the above recommended diameter sizes, make an effort to get one with at least a barrel diameter of 0.75 inches.

Hot Air Brushes

Another important thing to remember is the type of curling iron or hot air brush to buy. Though there are many kinds in the market, a ceramic or tourmaline model should be your first feature to look at. The ceramic options help disperse heat more evenly while tourmaline ensures frizz is controlled and moisture is locked within the hair. Many professional hair stylists use a tourmaline or ceramic grade curling irons, but there are other cheaper ones made of partly tourmaline or partly ceramic to fit into your budget.

differences between curling irons and curling wandsThe other important feature to check is the heat settings of your hot air brushes. These are essential because you will be able to change heating while straightening your hair. Several heating settings are ideal to prevent burning or damaging your hair. Color treated or thin hair requires a low setting, usually lower than 200 degrees. For thick or curly hair, heat setting of about 300 degrees can be perfect. However, you need to feel how the hair responds to heating effects. If you realize a burning smell, the heating should be lowered. Although hair thickness is different from person to person, never raise the heating above 400 degrees.

Now you have selected a good hot air brush, the next step is to prepare your hair before straightening.

First, your hair deserves some shower washing and conditioning. Look for hair shampoo that will leave only moisture, but not residues within the hair. Once you have washed it, apply some conditioner on the hair ends. Remember, too much conditioner will make it difficult to straighten or maintain a certain style you want.

Second, spray a heat protectant while the hair is wet. If you don’t have the spray heat protectant, there are many heat protectant gels to choose from. Alright, apply the protectant deep from the hair roots to the ends while crumpling your hair with fingers. This will prevent both frizz and heat damage to your hair. For thin hair, you can apply some hair mousse while the hair is still wet.

hair careThird, use a blow dryer to dry your hair completely before straightening. Flip over the hair and move the dryer all through to the ends. Disperse the heat by blowing through the hair so that it is fully dry. Note that, straightening wet hair can split the ends, damage the hair, or it becomes frizzy and rough.

Hair Straightening Steps

Step 1: Plug into mains power and turn a suitable heat setting

As the curling iron warms up, position yourself in front of a mirror. Ensure all the necessary tools such as hair clips are on the table near you for easy access.

Step 2: Clip back top hair layers

Ideal hair straightening should start from the bottom so that you don’t pass some strands. This also helps the straightened hair to look even. So, clip back the top hair layers so that you can reach the bottom layers easily. Even for short hairs, ensure the same procedure is used.

Step 3: Straighten your bottom layer of the hair section by section

Use a hand top hold a section of your hair leaning on your neck, open curling iron clamp, grip the upper part of the hair between the barrel and the clamp, and then pull the curling iron downwards gently while holding the clamp closed with your hand. Ensure you run the curling iron up to the ends, and repeat the process for all the underneath layers of the hair.

Step 4: Straighten the top layer

This is after you have finished with the bottom layer. Take out the clip and repeat the steps above. For the short hair around your face, avoid running the curling iron many times as that can damage the hair.

Step 5: Apply hairspray after straightening the entire hair

After you finish the straightening work, apply some shine hairspray to maintain the style. You can also run your hand gently to compact the hair. But don’t touch it too often because you may mess with the style!

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