A Guide to Having a Charming Smile with Healthy Teeth

March 3, 2017

smilingWhen someone smiles, you can tell more about that person without questioning him or her. People are not only keen on your hair styles, but also the oral health. If you have stained teeth and bad oral breath, you are already humiliating that person talking to you face-to-face. This can also make you lose a job after an interview because it portrays how disorganized you are.

If you want a healthy smile, you must observe several things in order to create and maintain it. This guide will help you get started, and keep your oral health at its best status.

Daily Flossing

Your gumlines contain plagues left after every meal. It is not easy for toothbrush bristles to reach those areas, and therefore flossing becomes the perfect method. Leaving the plagues to accumulate over time may cause periodontal diseases, leading to jaw bone damage or tooth loss. If you are trying it for the first time, don’t be worried about bleeding as this is normal due to gum disease or gingivitis. It will stop after flossing severally.

Visit Your Oral Hygienist at least Twice a Year

Going for checkups after every six months is the best plan to enhance oral health and a charming smile. Periodontal disease can occur if you don’t have regular checkups. This is accompanied by bleeding, receding, and swollen gums. Worst of all, your mouth will be producing a bad smell because bacteria are already breeding consistently. Your hygienist will clean tartar and stains from the teeth, which are usually the major attractors of germs.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Quit Smoking CigarettesCigarette smoking is one of the notorious causes of stained teeth. For many smokers, they tend to ignore the fact that tar forms stain on teeth. The stain can be removed if you use quality teeth cleaning products at the early stages. But when the stain soaks deep into the enamel, it becomes very difficult to polish off. Also, smoking causes bad breath because the staining attracts bacteria, which cause tooth decay.

Reduce Consuming Coffee, Tea, and Red wine

Coffee, tea, and red wines have been found to stain teeth when used too often. These are similar to smoking because a layer of stain is formed on the enamel over time. The layer can be polished off but may become difficult if it gets deep into the enamel. So, use a straw to minimize the drink’s interaction with the teeth. If you can’t use a straw, limit the intake of those drinks by substituting with other drinks.

Choose High-Quality Whitening Products

Whitening products are many in the market, but your choice may depend on your needs. Each type can help you get a good smile by whitening your teeth. There are rinses and kinds of toothpaste that can remove stains caused by tea or coffee drinks. If you want to whiten a front tooth only, a gel pen can be ideal. For a professional whitening procedure, laser and custom trays can be suitable options.

Invest in Good Toothbrushes

The best choices are the electric toothbrushes for removing plagues at those hard-to-reach areas. They help improve gum health more than the conventional toothbrushes. Many have features for sensitive teeth, as well as for whitening purposes. Additionally, the electric toothbrushes have long lasting bodies that can be shared by several family members. Investing in electric toothbrushes is worthwhile for improving your oral health and a better smile.


Get Dental Treatment at the Right Time

Until you seek a medical treatment whenever you have dental problems, your oral health will continue worsening. Bad smell from your mouth is the last thing you would want, and therefore a timely dental treatment can be a wise decision. If your teeth have cavities, visit your dentist for a further examination. He or she will propose the best treatment procedure depending on the extent of the teeth decay.

Brush at least Twice a Day

Last but not least, you need to practice brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Regular brushing will also boost whitening your teeth, and thus creating an amazing smile. Despite having an electric toothbrush, brushing twice every day is vital for your oral health. One of the important things with electric toothbrushes is that they have features to tell you the brushing period and the pressure suitable for brushing without injuring your gums.

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