Halloween Party At the Beach – Here’s what you need

November 13, 2018
Halloween Party At the Beach

Halloween Party At the BeachA Halloween party is best done on the beach. A beach is a place where no one will mind the music, the loud people and the fun. However, for the perfect Halloween party done on the beach, you’ll need to do some preps that are of great importance. Things like costumes, supplies, and equipment are highly important. Here are some of the things you can’t forget.

Funny Looking Wigs

What a Halloween party would be without wigs. Not everyone is in the mood for fixing their own costume, and many people like to dress differently, so it’s good to put make style on the party. Get some party wigs that are similar and give them to the visitors. This way everyone will be recognizable and funny looking in their own way.

Great DJ For The Occasion

A party can’t be good if you have a bad DJ. You need to hire a DJ that knows their job. Ask for a resume and make a test run a weekend before the great event. Ask them if they need something special and if they have all the needed equipment for the party. Think about things like amplifiers, speakers, cables, and don’t forget a light show together with the sound system.


Halloween Party At the Beach DecorationTogether with the light show, it’s good to place some decoration. Of course, don’t forget the most famous and important pumpkins that are a symbol of the Halloween party. Also, get some skeletons, zombie mannequins and similar things that will be scary.


A Halloween party on the beach is not a place to bring some specialties that your grandmother made, or spend some top dollars on expensive lobsters that no one will eat. Think about sandwiches, snacks and similar things that will keep people full but also entertained. Be sure that the food won’t get spoiled before it is placed on the table and store them in the right place.


Drinks are also highly important if not the most important thing for a good party. Never be left out of drinks or your party might become pretty boring right at the middle when things are the most fun. Make sure you have where to place all the drinks, and also, make sure you have them cold. A warm beer is really annoying and might ruin the whole thing.

Coolers For Non-Stop Cold Drinks

Coolers For Non-Stop Cold Drinks

The previous paragraph explained how important cold drinks are. The first option for keeping drinks cold on the beach is getting a high-quality beach cooler. Why iceless? Simply, because they are the best option. Here’s why.

An iceless cooler is more powerful and has more space to store drinks and foods inside them. Instead of coolers that contain ice, the iceless cooler has no problem with melting the ice. Also, all the space inside is free for foods and drinks.

Another very important thing is powering the coolers. Coolers that use ice depend on it to make the drinks cold. The iceless coolers use electricity to make it run and produce the freezing. By a special system, the cooler first heats one compartment that extracts the hot air from the other compartment, thus making it perfectly cold. The best part – it can be cold for hours. One way is to plug the cooler in a power socket, but if this is not an option than a lot of coolers support a power outlet that can be plugged in the lighter compartment in a car. With this, you can be sure that you’ll never go out of cold drinks.

When getting iceless coolers for your party, you only need to take care about how many people you’ll have and how much space for cold drinks you’ll need. Try to take more than one cooler if you expect more people. Place the cooler on a visible location but away from the crowd. Also, make sure someone watches over the cooler so it is closed at all times and the cold air stays inside.


A good party depends mainly depends on a good DJ and cold drinks. Everything else can be forgotten, but this is simply the most important. Even the DJ can be forgotten as there are tons of playlists on the Internet music service sites, but not having cold drinks is a disaster.

For a Halloween party on the beach, the decoration is one of the most important things. If you place balloons with happy faces, people will simply be disappointed. That’s why you must take care of this part.

So, as a final conclusion, for the best Halloween party, you need appropriate decoration, and coolers to keep the drinks cold and all times.

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