Hair And Fur Are not Your Carpet’s Friends

November 13, 2018
Carpet Clean if You Have a Cat

Hair And Fur Are not Your Carpet's FriendsHaving a pet at home is a challenge of its own. Having a lot of expensive and big fluffy carpets only add to the problem called pets and carpets living together.

If you have ever had a pet at home, you know how much trouble pet hair is. Pets having fur are even more complex. Unless you’re keeping a fish as a pet then you’ll surely have to pay a lot of attention to cleaning the floor and get it to be sparkling clean.

How to handle pet’s hair, fur, feathers, and other stuff – read below and learn more about it.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean if You Have a Cat

Carpet Clean if You Have a CatCats are demanding animals when it comes to hygiene. They have an obsession with always being perfectly clean. At the same time, they hate water, but won’t let anything dirty stay on their hair. That’s why they lick their own hair and then simply throw what they licked on your upholstery and carpet.

At the beginning of each summer, cats start to lose their hair in order to adapt for the hot days. All this hair means you’ll have to clean it up from the carpets. How to do this problematic task? Use a professional cleaner. But what does a professional cleaner for cats’ pet hair means?

Carpet cleaners have special technologies used for cleaning up pet hair. For your cat’s hair, you’ll need a cleaner that has a special brush that is best for sucking-up thin hairs. Cats, unlike dogs for example, usually have thinner hair which is more difficult to be cleaned because it wraps around the fabric of the carpet or the furniture’s upholstery. The carpet cleaners usually have additional tools that come with the cleaner. In these add-ons find the one perfect for pet hair. It is the one that has a brush-head.

Rotating brushes are reaching deep in the carpet and manage to swirl the hair. It then gets stuck in the brush hair while the other dirt components go freely inside the vacuum.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean if You Have a Dog

Carpet Clean if You Have a DogDogs usually have more thick hair than cats do. They are more difficult for cleaning up because they are heavier and this means that they need more power to be sucked in. The dog hair can also be called fur because some breeds have pretty thick hair that sticks together and looks like fur. When this type of hair gets on your carpet, you’ll need more cleaning up equipment than cat owners use if you want to solve the problem thoroughly.

For this situation, you also need an add-on with a brush head mounted on your cleaner. However, this might not be enough. You’ll want a much more powerful cleaner. You want a cleaner with a lot of suction power both coming from the engine and at the end of the hose or the pipe, whatever you’re using for cleaning up.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean if You Have a Parrot

Carpet cleaners for pets don’t just mean getting a cleaner that will be good for dog and cat hair. Sometimes you need a cleaner for other animals such as parrots are. Actually, the only pet situation that you won’t need a carpet cleaner is if you have a fish as a pet at your home.

Parrots have feathers which are very different than cat and dog hair. Feathers can’t be sucked using the same carpet cleaner that you’d use for these animals. Feathers are heavier and way harder than the others and will probably get stuck in the hose. They will definitely cause a problem in the brush head, so you’ll need something different. Try getting a cleaner that is used for cleaning up harder and larger dirt and other debris. With a cleaner like this, feathers will easily get inside the garbage container and you’ll easily throw them away.


Carpet cleaners for pets are mostly oriented toward hair because most of the pets are cats and dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that you must choose one of the cleaners that you’re most see on the commercials. It is best to find a carpet cleaner that’s most suitable for your needs.

For example, you might own a cat that has very short hair or no hair at all, so you won’t need those special turbo pet-hair brushes. Instead, you’ll mostly use the cleaner for cleaning up other things and not pet hair. Think about what kind of mess is mostly created by your little loved one and choose the best cleaning equipment based on that.

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