Complete Comparison between Having a Cold and a Hot Shower

March 3, 2017
shower with cold water

Having a Cold and a Hot ShowerIf you read pieces of stuff about a hot shower and cold shower advantages, probably you get overwhelmed by the enormous stories you will get. This means people have different perceptions about a hot shower and cold shower. It won’t be levelheaded to say one is inferior or superior to the other. Both are good, and each has its own benefits based on a wide range of aspects.

This article outlines the benefits of each – info picked from various sources of published clinical studies. Therefore you will be left to choose what best suits your needs. You will also have a solid reason to switch from either as you wish.

The 5 Benefits of Having a Cold Shower

Helps burn calories

This is a proven fact, though many people tend to deny it. The simple biology is clear. When your body is exposed to coldness, it tends to reorganize itself immediately in order to maintain its internal temperature. So, the metabolism is increased. If you have excess fats stored in the body, some are likely to be broken down to release energy. So, you are already burning excess calories!

Help in body recovery after a training session

If you have been to a gym for several times, perhaps you usually take a cold bath afterward. Even the athletes take ice baths to minimize soreness. Taking a cold shower leaves you body feeling rejuvenated and healing from the muscle straining after an exercise. You might not have experienced this before if you are not a serious weight or aerobics trainer. In short, a cold shower is highly relaxing after workouts. It restores your body to its normalcy.

It boosts mood and concentration

shower with cold waterThis is practical after stepping out of bed in the morning and then you take a cold shower immediately. You will feel fully awake and ready for work. Taking a cold shower in the morning is a good kick-start to feel mentally boosted. This mood-boosting lasts longer, and therefore increasing your abilities to stay focused on what you are doing throughout the day.

Leaves smooth skin and good looking hair

If you usually take a cold shower, you can be a witness on this. Your skin is always left looking smooth and soft after every shower. Cold water also prevents exposure of acne, as well as leaving your hair looking shiny.

Strengthening circulation and immunity

Cold showers are good for improving blood circulation after the metabolism is increased. Some disorders such as arteriosclerosis and hypertension cannot be a threat to cold shower lovers. The cold shower also strengthens immune after the metabolic rate is boosted. Burning excess fats prevents related-diseases.

The 5 Benefits of Having a Hot Shower

Improve blood circulation

Benefits of Having a Hot ShowerHot shower treats muscular pains associated with exercises and any other cause of muscle pains. When muscles are relaxed, blood flow is improved and can reach the muscle tissues easier. In one way or another, a hot shower offers some ‘massage therapy’.

Cleanse your skin

When you take a hot shower, the skin pores are opened. This improves proper excretion such as sweating, thus improving your skin’s appearance. However, you can run some cold shower after some time to ensure the pores are closed for a fresher feeling.

Warming up before morning workout

If you normally do some workouts in the morning, you can take a hot shower so that the system is kept at a warmer condition throughout. This will keep the blood flow at its perfect condition, hence feeling the morale and capability of training.

Relieve back pains, neck-related and shoulder pains

If you cannot access a massage parlor at some point in time, some hot shower can be good to relax your neck and back muscles. So, a hot shower is ideal after long official sitting sessions such as meetings.

Relieve sore throats and coughs

A hot shower is perfect if you are experiencing coughs and sore throat. The warmth gets rid of the mucus in your throat. Coughs are associated with coldness, and therefore a hot shower is a better remedy.

In conclusion, the above benefits are unbiased. Each has its own benefits, and therefore you can choose when to use either. However, the comfort of your bathroom is best indicated by the type of shower heads installed. There are modern shower heads that not only offer a more relaxing shower experience but also help in saving water. So, it is very necessary to have those efficient shower heads at homes.

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